Mass Payments

The modern digital world is striving for optimization. Its main trend could easily fit into one phrase: “The easier - the better”. The possibility of making mass payments in cryptocurrencies using the MoneyPipe service is one of such solutions — simple and user-friendly, available to both private and business clients. In literally one click through the API or the service’s internal control panel, you can send several payments in any available currency to several users or merchants simultaneously — meaning, making both several transactions, as well as mass payments numbering hundreds and thousands of transactions, should the need arise.

Sending mass payments significantly saves users’ funds as it eliminated the need to pay a commission for each individual transaction.

In order to use the mass payment service, it is enough to specify all of the required information regarding whom, in what currency, and how many funds are needed to be transferred. The service automatically creates a transaction pack, checks the correctness of the indicated amounts and addresses, and makes the transfer.

MoneyPipe’s mass payments are an ideal solution for companies and services that need to make payments on a regular basis (bonuses, advances, salaries, etc.) to a large number of people simultaneously. MoneyPipe performs safe, legal, and fast transactions in large numbers to all required addresses, and provides feedback if any of the addresses are incorrect.

Our security system guarantees the safety of your data, which excludes the possibility of hacker attacks and fraudulent activities. MoneyPipe cares for the safety of clients’ funds; therefore, a transaction is performed only after performing an automated verification. Funds are deposited to the specified addresses almost instantly, and you can always receive information about the status of your transfers.

Information about all of the transactions is stored in the user’s payment and transaction records and is available for viewing, thus providing transparency of the transactions and the possibility to check what funds, which amount, and where they were sent to at any given point in time. All of the information is displayed in full in the user’s personal account, and MoneyPipe also creates a report document where the actuality of transactions are recorded.