A simple and secure

multi-currency HD wallet

MoneyPipe HD is an iOS and Android-based multi-currency crypto wallet. The wallet combines high security, reliability and ease of use, and is perfectly suited for both storing coins long-term, as well as for day-to-day operations.

MoneyPipe HD users always have complete control over their coins, as private keys are stored solely on the user’s device and are never sent anywhere.

Store your coins the right way!
Bitcoin HD Wallet
Bitcoin HD Wallet Interface

What is MoneyPipe HD

The MoneyPipe multi-currency crypto wallet is based on HD (hierarchical deterministic) technology, thanks to which you can always easily restore access to all of your coins with a single seed phrase (secret phrase) even after deleting the wallet app. This technology not only increases data confidentiality but also solves the backup problem.

Private keys are stored solely on the user’s mobile device and the user can export them at any time and for any cryptocurrency.

The wallet supports integration with the phone’s contacts which allows sending coins even without knowing the receiver’s address, simply by choosing the required contact or by entering the phone number.

Truly convenient and secure

Sole ownership
Sole ownership
You alone control all of your coins — neither the server nor the developers have access to your assets.
Integration with the contact list
Integration with the contact list
You can send and receive coins through your phone’s contacts list, which not only increases the ease of use but also significantly lowers the risk of phishing.
Simple interface
Simple interface
Send and receive coins with a single touch of your phone screen — it is as simple as taking a banknote out of your pocket.
Fast recovery
Fast recovery
You can restore access to all of your coins using a single seed phrase. Store it in a secure place at all times.
Yuliia Saryieva
Yuliia Saryieva

Lead developer

"MoneyPipe HD is made by people and for people. We sought to make a secure and user-friendly product, which would be a pleasure to use every day. And we think we have done it! Numerous people — developers, testers, system administrators, designers and engineers have put in many hours of work and effort into the wallet, so I hope that you will like it. We will welcome any feedback from you!"

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Planned features

Automatic conversion
Automatic conversion
Need to send Ethereum but you only have Bitcoins? Not a problem. Simply indicate the sum and coin type, and the wallet will convert everything on the fly at the most favourable rate.
Not just smartphones
Not just smartphones
The wallet works great on tablets and smartwatches and can be used on multiple devices simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of MoneyPipe HD? Why should I change my current wallet?
Firstly, MoneyPipe HD is a wallet that uses a tree structure. The seed acts as its “root” and every key acquired from it has its own derived keys. Thanks to the possibility of creating an unlimited number of open keys even without access to private keys, such wallets are more secure.

Secondly, it’s a multi-currency wallet.

Thirdly, we have tried to make it as convenient as possible and user-friendly, focusing the interface design on leading fintech solutions. We are not planning on limiting ourselves to smartphones only — in the future, full support for tablets and smartwatches will be added. In addition, we are also planning on significantly broadening our functionality without jeopardizing security, meaning that the user will receive not just a three-in-one wallet, but a service that will allow earning and exchanging cryptocurrency.
Can I gain access to my coins in the event of losing my phone?
Yes. You can use the Seed phrase or import your private keys to restore the wallet. Naturally, you should think about security and restoring access to your wallet in advance by storing the Seed phrase or keys in a safe place.
How can I check that the developers don’t have access to my assets?
Only the person possessing the private keys that are stored on your smartphone has access to your assets. You can confirm this by looking at the open-source wallet code.
I did not receive the text message with the secret code. What should I do?
Make sure that the phone number was entered correctly. If you still do not receive the text message, try again in 30 minutes.
Can I use the Electrum wallet’s Seed-phrase in MoneyPipe HD?
Unfortunately, currently, there is no such possibility.
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