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Acceptance of Payments

Recently, more and more companies face the need to provide their customers with a variety of options for making payments for services rendered or purchased goods.

With the rise of the digital economy, cryptocurrency has become one of the convenient methods of paying for purchases; however, the overwhelming majority of companies still struggle to offer their clients the option to make non-fiat payments.

MoneyPipe gives businesses the opportunity to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, and the use of digital money is not a prerequisite for the business itself. The payment received can be saved on the balance, or withdrawn from the service in a fiat currency to an ordinary account.

When receiving crypto payments from clients, you expand your customer base, as well as stand out from the competition.

All transactions made in our service are safe and secure.

Below are the differences between cryptocurrency payments and traditional ones:

Features Crypto payments Fiat payments
High speed
Possibility to cancel transactions
Ease of opening an account

How does it work?

To start accepting crypto payments, the vendor needs to sign-up to the MoneyPipe service and add their store in the control panel.

Working with clients:

Crypto payments for your customers are simple and profitable!