Payment Service Provider Features Acceptance of Payments

Acceptance of Payments

MoneyPipe offers consumers and businesses convenient and accessible options for performing payment transactions in cryptocurrencies. Recently more and more companies face the need to provide their clients with as many possibilities as possible for performing payments for services provided or for purchased goods. With the rise of the digital economy, cryptocurrencies have become a convenient way of making purchases; however, the overwhelming majority of companies are still not able to offer their clients the possibility of making non-fiat payments. This approach significantly limits business opportunities and leads to the loss of a certain percentage of clients that prefer to use cryptocurrencies when paying for goods and services. Since not every store and service is equipped with the necessary technology to satisfy this need, MoneyPipe acts as an intermediary between the store and the end-user and allows to resolve the problem of making and accepting cryptocurrency payments with maximum benefit for both parties.

How does it work?

In order to use the acceptance of payments feature, the vendor must register with the MoneyPipe service and add their store on the dashboard.

Allowing users to use this feature makes it possible to pay for familiar services using any kind of currency, including non-fiat ones. For stores, accepting payments in cryptocurrencies is a convenient opportunity to broaden the pool of potential customers by not only offering demanded products but also by providing a wide range of possibilities for convenient payments. All transactions made using the service are secure and safe.