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MoneyPipe is a safe and easy-to-use online wallet where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as pay for services provided by third parties linked with MoneyPipe.

The online wallet is made for those who prefer using cryptocurrency for everyday payments as an alternative to traditional means of payment.
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MoneyPipe Interface

What is MoneyPipe Personal

MoneyPipe Personal is a safe and simple online wallet for everyday use that allows you to use cryptocurrency for familiar daily activities: paying your mobile phone, internet or television bills, transferring funds to friends, or to your personal card.

Digital wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, and other payment services are located within the territorial jurisdiction of the MoneyPipe OÜ companies, licensed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia (MEAC).

  • visa
  • mastercard
  • Tether
  • Bitcoin
  • Binance
  • Dash
  • Beam
  • Ethereum

Effective tools

Commission-free transfers within the system
Transactions to other MoneyPipe users are always free.
Paying invoices
Paying invoices
MoneyPipe allows you to use cryptocurrency for paying invoices even from services that accept only traditional means of payment.
Quick cryptocurrency exchange
Quick cryptocurrency exchange
Convert cryptocurrency to Euros and back with minimal costs.
Bonuses from partners
Bonuses from partners
Receive additional bonuses and privileges from business partners linked with the MoneyPipe service.
MoneyPipe HD Bitcoin Wallet

HD wallet

For those who wish to have complete control over their money, we have developed the Beecrypt HD wallet. In contrast to the MoneyPipe online-wallet, the open-source Beecrypt wallet provides even more security, as it does not store users’ private keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MoneyPipe Online and MoneyPipe HD?
The main difference is in the method of storing private keys. MoneyPipe Online keeps users’ keys on its servers, while MoneyPipe HD keeps them on users’ devices. The Online wallet offers users a wider range of services and bears a greater responsibility for users’ actions. MoneyPipe HD offers fewer services but provides the user with full control over their coins.
Why does my Online wallet balance display one sum, while the blockchain explorer displays a different one?
This has to do with the feature of address generation and is done in order to increase the system’s security and exclude the loss of clients’ money during an attack on the infrastructure. In addition, such address handling allows keeping a user’s actual balance a secret from an external observer. The biggest cryptocurrency exchanges use a similar approach.
Can I use MoneyPipe Online and MoneyPipe HD simultaneously?
Yes, it is not prohibited. Moreover, we recommend using the MoneyPipe Online wallet for everyday operations, and MoneyPipe HD for accumulating and storing cryptocurrency.
Can I use the Electrum wallet’s Seed-phrase in MoneyPipe HD?
Unfortunately, currently, there is no such possibility.
I would like to suggest using another cryptocurrency. How can I do that?
We try to listen to our customers’ requests, so if you believe that we should broaden our list of cryptocurrencies, please let us know about it at
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