Payment Service Provider Features Hash Codes as a Payment Method

Hash Codes as a Payment Method

MoneyPipe offers the possibility of using secure hash codes for a more convenient way of performing a number of payment transactions. From the perspective of connectivity between the users, or between a business and buyers, the hash code represents a voucher for a certain sum within the existing balance. By issuing the hash code for further cashing-out or transfer of funds, you can use it as a means of payment, exchange, or as a gift, remuneration, bonus, etc.

How it works

A user or store generates a hash code for any amount within the limits of the available balance right in the MoneyPipe control panel. The generated hash code is presented as a unique alphanumeric combination that securely stores all of the required data (amount). The receiver of the code can use it to perform a payment or to exchange the funds when he feels the need to do so. The hash code can also be liquidated through the personal account, after which the indicated sum will be added to the user’s personal account balance.

The security of the data that comes into the blockchain and the security of the transferred monetary funds is ensured by the hash codes: taking the number of possible alphanumeric combinations into account, guessing the required hash code is impossible. The hash code for every data array is unique, which excludes the possibility of hacking and stealing the funds. From our side — it is a sign of care for the client so that by using MoneyPipe, you would always feel calm for the safety of your data and funds.

Thus, MoneyPipe’s hash codes establish a more trusting and honest relationship between the parties, to transfer and cash out funds as quickly as possible, and without wasting extra money and time. The standard process for cryptocurrency transfers takes about 6 confirmations, which takes time. Also, an additional commission is charged for direct transactions via blockchain. Hash codes allow brushing this complex path aside: in order for the funds to appear in your account, it is enough to implement the combination in your personal account.