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Currency Exchange

With the growing number of opportunities for using and paying for goods with cryptocurrencies, the demand for the provision of favorable, and most importantly, legal methods of exchanging them for fiat currencies also grows. MoneyPipe offers a solution that allows exchanging cryptocurrency quickly and safely both ways and with a minimal commission, as well as withdrawing money to bank accounts.

With the help of our service, you can easily top up your cryptocurrency balances and quickly withdraw your coins acquired (e.g. if you are a vendor, as a means of payment for provided services or goods) and stored with MonePipe. All of the user’s cryptocurrency funds are displayed on the account balance, including at the current exchange rate in Euros. If the user has a need to withdraw the acquired funds, MoneyPipe allows them to do it almost instantly.

High exchange speed is achieved due to the absence of unnecessary intermediate stages — currently, the service is performing money transfer operations directly within the framework of the Single Euro Payments Area, (SEPA). In the nearest future, we are planning on adding other payment systems for fiat funds from various regions.

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