Requirements for website/mobile app

In accordance with the requirements set out by MoneyPipe, as well as by partner payment systems, when applying for connecting with the internet-acquring service, the counterparty must observe the following rules:

Technical Requirements

Content Requirements

All of the content available on the website is real and is not made using website builders. The content includes:

Refund policy

Text example:

Dear clients, we would like to inform you that in case of a refund request when canceling a purchase, the monetary funds will be refunded to the same credit card/online wallet the purchase was made from.

*refunds to charity organizations may not be provided, but such information must be present on the website and the user must be familiarized with it prior to making a donation.

Design Recommendations

Rules informing clients about refunds and other terms of purchase are recommended to be placed on the website/app in the following way: